Modell Air Necessity
Heaviness (kg) Egine Power
Vibro Engine Red. Engine
kw d/dk kw d/dk
    ŞM-VT 500 36 250 0.40 1000 0.75 22
    ŞM-VT 750 54 305 0.40 1000 0.75 22
    ŞM-VT 1000 72 360 0.40 1000 0.75 22
Model ŞM-VT
Vibro Scanner Machine’s Using Aim
It has the duty of decomposition of the light grains barks and unwanted foreign materials from the product by air draught. The products is sent to air darught while dispering on the floor by the help of a vibrator nutritious. The product which enteres the pausage with a homegen dissociation is washed by the converse air draught At the some time unwanted light graind move with air and leave the product.